Aspyn Grove

What is Aspyn Grove?
We are a local company based out of Utah! We support local families and are items are all hand made!

What is Minky?
Minky is a faux Fur! It is 100% Polyester! It is not real!

What are the washing instructions? 
Wash on cold.
No fabric softener
Hang to dry or tumble on low! 

Does AG do custom orders?
Sometimes! Twice a year we open up custom orders! 

Does AG do returns?
No! We do not do returns or exchanges.

How do I reach Customer service?​

Message our Facebook page! Aspyn Grove

What are the sizes and prices of the blankets?
( All of our items are handmade. This is approximate sizing. It could be within 2 inches of the size)

Lovies 20"x20" $19.99

Infant Deluxe 30"x36" $49

Infant Buddy 30"x36" $59

Tween Deluxe 45"x55" $99

Tween Buddy 45"x60" $109

Adult Deluxe 55"x68" $159

Adult Buddy 60"x72" $169

XL Deluxe 55"x85" $189

XL Buddy 60"x90" $199

Strip Blanket 60"x90" $209

Patchwork Blanket 60"x80" $229

Chevron Blanket 60"x82" $279

Diamond Blanket 60"x90" $279

Mega Blankets 90"x120" $400