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Aspyn Grove

What is Aspyn Grove?
We are a local company based out of Utah! We support local families and our items are all hand made!

What is Minky?
Minky is a faux Fur! It is 100% Polyester! It is not real!

What are the washing instructions? 
Wash on cold
No fabric softener
Gentle detergent
Hang to dry or tumble on low! 


Does AG do custom orders?
Sometimes! We will announce it on our page it when we are!

Does AG do returns?
No! We do not do returns or exchanges.

How do I reach Customer service?​
Message our Facebook page! Aspyn Grove
Here's the link to our page!
(1) Aspyn Grove | Facebook


What are the sizes and prices of the blankets?
( All of our items are handmade. This is approximate sizing. It could be within 2 inches of the size)

Lovies 20"x20" $19.99

Infant Deluxe 30"x36" $49

Infant Buddy 30"x36" $59

Tween Deluxe 45"x55" $99

Tween Buddy 45"x60" $109

Adult Deluxe 55"x68" $159

Adult Buddy 60"x72" $169

XL Deluxe 55"x85" $189

XL Buddy 60"x90" $199

Strip Blanket 60"x90" $209

Patchwork Blanket 60"x80" $229

Chevron Blanket 60"x82" $279

Diamond Blanket 60"x90" $279

Mega Blankets 90"x120" $400

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